Thursday, May 25, 2017

Simple Chess: Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner.

I was lucky enough to play in Reverse Angle 72 at the Charlotte Chess Center last week. I was also lucky to win clear first place in the U1800 section by winning all three of my games. It is my first ever victory in a tournament and I also reached a new personal high rating of 1760!

My first game featured a French defense where I quickly was able to get a king side attack going with the white pieces. I won a piece but then gave it back to crash through the center and drag my opponent's king out of hiding from the mangled king side.

The second round saw me paired down again. I had the black pieces and I once again got a good attack against my opponent's king. This game showcases the idea that sometimes it is okay to move a piece back to square it just came from. This is something I know that I struggled with for a long time. Hopefully this brutal attack will instill that sometimes it is okay to move back and start over.

My final game featured a slower pace game where I allowed my opponent to get a pawn. Then I made a huge blunder but my opponent didn't take advantage and we ended up in a drawn king and pawn ending. However my opponent made the final blunder and I was able to pull out the victory.


  1. David- Your analysis is very instructive. I learn a lot from reading your blog. Thank you very much for sharing.

    1. Thanks for the kind words. I am glad they have been helpful.

  2. Yes, I'm with Sampath...I learn a lot from reading your posts. And...Congratulations!!