Sunday, May 21, 2017

Reverse Angle 72

Author: Grant OenCCCSA Assistant Director

A grand total of 54 players converged upon the Charlotte Chess Center for the 72nd edition of the Reverse Angle tournament on Saturday, May 20.  An $850 guaranteed prize fund was distributed between three sections: Top, Under 1800, and Under 1400.

The top section featured one master, five experts, and players from North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Alabama, and Georgia in a section with 17 players.  The top seed, Daniel Cremisi (2289) scored 3/3 for a $175 score.  World U10 Girls Champion Rochelle Wu earned $75 for clear second with 2.5/3.  CCCSA regular Pradhyumna Kothapalli and Virginia's Felix McCain earned $25 for the top U2000 prize.

The Under 1800 section was the largest section, featuring 23 players between 1300 and 1800.  David Blackwelder (1695) won $150 for his 3/3 score.  Michael Miller ($37.50), Connor Liu ($37.50), and Atlanta Chess Center's Karen Boyd ($50) each scored 2.5/3.

The 15-player Under 1400 section was hotly contested.  CCCSA regular Joshua Denton (1198) scored the only perfect 3/3 score, earning $150.  Sahith Tanuboddi (1145) and Richard Trela (1005) earned $62.50 each for 2.5/3 (tie for second place and top U1200).

USCF Rated Results Here

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