Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Doing the Household Chores

A total of 22 players showed up to play in round 1 of Tuesday Night Action 32. In the top section, four players started off the tournament by yielding half a point as Adam Clontz(1858) and Luke Harris(1707) declared peace as did Aditya Shivapooja(1767) and Pradhy Kothapalli(1870). This set the table for three others to take the early lead after one round. We start with Daniel Cremisi(2304) who mopped up Michael Uwakwe(2039) while Dominique Myers(2117) dusted off Robert Callahan(1884) and Patrick McCartney(2131) took out the Tarrasch that Vishnu Vanapalli(1975) left laying around, resulting in the three winners being tied for first place after one round.

The game between McCartney and Vanapalli can be viewed below.

Meanwhile, the lower section sees a 5-way tie for first after one round as Dave Richards(1641), Kiru Mendez(1640), Julian Parker(1427), Hassan Hashemloo(1307), and Richard Trela(1092) all won while Daniel Boisvert(1089) and Aditya Vadakattu(1062) declared peace.

All results can be viewed here.

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