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3 Earn Norms at 2017 CCCSA GM/IM Norm Invitational

Author: FM Peter Giannatos

This year's Charlotte Chess Center GM/IM Norm Invitational produced 3 norms and one title!

International Master norms went to: FM Gauri Shankar, NM John Ludwig and NM Tianqi Wang.
NM (FM) Benjamin Moon missed out by a half of a point but nonetheless raised his rating to 2300+ FIDE earning the FIDE Master title.

Group A

Going into the last round the following players were eligible for norms: IM Michael Brown (who needed to win with black versus top seed GM Tanguy Ringoir), and FM Gauri Shankar (who needed a draw with GM Fishbein).

Round 9 was quite heartbreaking for Brown who had recovered from earlier mishaps against FM Kumar and FM Shankar. Winning with black against the runaway train in GM Tanguy Ringoir was not an easy feat by any means, but Brown gave it one hell of a try:

Despite this incredible effort by IM Brown, he fell short by 1/2 of a point. FM Shankar earned his 5th(!!) IM norm with a "Grandmaster Draw" against GM Alexander Fishbein. FM Shankar will gain his IM title once he achieved a FIDE rating of 2400+.

 No. Player's Name USCF  Rating ScoreRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Rd 6Rd 7Rd 8Rd 9
 1GM TANGUY RINGOIR 15491021 25187.5/9W9W3D7W6D8W4W5W10D2
 2IM MICHAEL W BROWN 13289023 24786/9D7W6W8W4L5L10W3W9D1
 3IM JOHN DAVID BARTHOLOMEW 12718516 24534.5/9L4L1W5D7W10W6L2D8D9
 4IM AMAN HAMBLETON 13468545 24414.5/9W3W5W10L2D9L1L7D6D8
 5FM GAURI SHANKAR (IM NORM) 12909025 23204.5/9D8L4L3W10W2D9L1W7D6
 6GM ALEXANDER FISHBEIN 12077910 24814/9W10L2D9L1D7L3W8D4D5
 7IM DANIEL GUREVICH 12914206 24654/9D2L9D1D3D6W8W4L5L10
 8GM ALONSO ZAPATA 11426051 24264/9D5W10L2W9D1L7L6D3D4
 9FM ALEXANDER KALIKSHTEYN 12579305 24533.5/9L1W7D6L8D4D5D10L2D3
 10FM NIKHIL KUMAR 14982402 24442.5/9L6L8L4L5L3W2D9L1W7

Group B

Group B was great for the norm hunters. Group B produced 2 norms: 
NM's John Ludwig (who has a 2397 FIDE Rating!) and NM Tianqi Wang.

Ludwig needed only 1/2 on the last day to secure his norm which he did easily with 2 draws against IM Vigorito and WIM Harazinska. The real challenge was his 7th round game against IM Martin Del Campo which was a real scrap:

FM Giannatos and NM Tianqi Wang (holding his norm certificate)
NM Tianqi "Steve" Wang  played well above his rating and rightfully earned an IM norm. I am extremely proud of Steve as he was one of the local invitee's who really stepped up to the plate and knocked it out of the park!

Steve played quite a few good games but the following miniature against IM Javakhadze was extremely crucial for his chances of getting a norm:

 No. Player's Name USCF  Rating ScoreRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Rd 6Rd 7Rd 8Rd 9
 1JOHN GABRIEL LUDWIG (IM NORM) 13721287 23976.5/9D4W10D8W3D9W2W7D5D6
 2TIANQI WANG (IM NORM) 14099361 22156.5/9W3W9D6W7D5L1W4W10D8
 3FM DAVID BRODSKY 14380771 23306/9L2D7D5L1W4W10W8W6W9
 4IM ZURAB JAVAKHADZE 15574183 24705.5/9D1W6W10W8L3W9L2D7D5
 5IM DAVID VIGORITO 12426279 23705/9W10L8D3W9D2D7D6D1D4
 6WIM EWA HARAZINSKA 16095511 22574.5/9W9L4D2W10L7W8D5L3D1
 7IM ROBERTO MARTIN DEL CAMPO 12658446 23924/9L8D3D9L2W6D5L1D4W10
 8FM MICHAEL KLEINMAN 12861469 22894/9W7W5D1L4D10L6L3D9D2
 9RICHARD FRANCISCO 12631588 22532.5/9L6L2D7L5D1L4W10D8L3
 10KAPISH POTULA 14114923 20750.5/9L5L1L4L6D8L3L9L2L7

Group C

It appeared as though Group C was destined to create norms!  Moon and Zhang were in norm contention going into the last day.

NM Benjamin Moon only needed 1 of 2 on the last day for a norm although he had already achieved a live FIDE rating of 2304.8 hence already earning his FIDE Master title!

 For FM Yuanchen Zhang the norm was much harder as he needed 2/2 on Sunday.

Moon spoiled his chance at a norm with a very difficult game in the last round against IM Angelo Young where he needed a draw to secure his norm:

FM Zhang lost a difficult game against IM Stremavicius in round 8 which ended his norm chances. The game was approximately equal throughout until Zhang allowed the following breakthrough:

 No. Player's Name USCF  Rating ScoreRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Rd 6Rd 7Rd 8Rd 9
 1IM FELIX JOSE YNOJOSA APONTE 15574198 23787/9W5W4W10D6W7D2D9W8D3
 2BENJAMIN BARRY MOON 12910643 22546/9W4W9D8D3W5D1W10D6L7
 3IM TITAS STREMAVICIUS 15874756 24535.5/9W10D6L7D2W9D8D4W5D1
 4FM EDWARD SONG 13994740 22855/9L2L1W9D10W8W6D3D7D5
 5FM YUANCHEN ZHANG 14927111 22685/9L1W10W6W7L2D9W8L3D4
 6ANDREW ZHANG HONG 14941904 23784.5/9W8D3L5D1W10L4D7D2D9
 7IM ANGELO YOUNG 12559845 22944/9D9L8W3L5L1D10D6D4W2
 8AARON S BALLEISEN 13093767 21963.5/9L6W7D2W9L4D3L5L1D10
 9FM SETH HOMA 12838750 23262.5/9D7L2L4L8L3D5D1D10D6
 10SANJAY GHATTI 14114902 22762/9L3L5L1D4L6D7L2D9D8

Special Thanks

A special thank you goes to my right hand man Grant Oen who really put an extreme amount of time an effort into making this tournament possible! Grant also earned his final FIDE Arbiter norm.

Another shout out goes to International Arbiter Thad Rogers of American Chess Promotions who is always easy going and very pleasant to work with.

Lastly I would like to thank William "Bill" Nash for volunteering as an additional arbiter for the event. Bill earned a FIDE arbiter norm for this event as well.

We are looking forward to our next norm event!

Bringing a level of professionalism to chess in Charlotte,

FM Peter Giannatos

P.S. - Here are a few after-hours blitz games you may enjoy between famous YouTubers IM John Bartholomew (Fins) and IM Aman Hambleton (ChessBrahs)

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