Thursday, April 13, 2017

A Trip to the Dentist

A total of 20 players took part in Round 2 of Tuesday Night Action 32. On the top board, Daniel Cremisi(2304) didn't even bother to offer any novocaine, and simply ripped every tooth out of Patrick McCartney's(2131) mouth as he handed him a 20-move drubbing that can be viewed below. Meanwhile, Dominique Myers(2117) proceeded to fill in the cavities created by Michael Uwakwe(2039) and didn't miss a single one of them as he cruised to a win and claimed a share of the lead with Daniel Cremisi with a perfect score after two rounds. Pradhy Kothapalli(1870) bridged the gap and pulled the upset against Gary Newson(2014) while Aditya Shivapooja(1767) drilled Curtis Ianni(1803) while William Clayton(1748) went for his six-month cleaning and proceeded to polish off Ali Shirzad(1695).

In the Under 17 pediatrics, David Richards(1641) and Hassan Hashemloo(1307) showed that they brushed three times a day every day as they maintained perfection by taking down Julian Parker(1427) and Richard Trela(1092) respectively. Adam Lipshay(1014) avoided the braces by keeping it all straight and in order as he took down Rishi Jasti(766) while the other four patients, Daniel Boisvert(1089) and Mohnish Behera(1251) along with Aditya Vadakattu(1062) and Harshitha Jasti(895) all came out of their cleaning with gleaming smiles as peace was declared in both cases.

The cross table with all results can be viewed here.

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