Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Simple Chess: Join Me For #100DaysofChess

I will solve chess tactics for at least 30 minutes every day for the next 100 days.

I've finally decided to commit myself to this and I'm making it public.

You should join me if you are serious about being a better chess player than you are now.

Here are some reasons why

I have always wanted to become a better chess player. In fact, I want to break 2000 and maybe even 2200 one day. However, after work I am always finding other ways to spend my time.

I look back just over the past year and I have intended to spend more time on chess. However, Netflix just seems more appealing because I want to give my brain some relaxation.

This is why I am making my commitment public. I am not the only one holding me accountable. Even if no one is going to call me out for not solving tactics, it is enough that I put myself out there.

Keeping up with this goal will be difficult. I am just like everyone else if I'm not at work I have other tasks to complete whether it's for my daughter, my wife, admin tasks of the house, chores around the house, school work, programming work, etc. I wanted to etch in time that is manageable and 30 minutes is very manageable.

It is easy to start watching Netflix. It is hard to stop. The same is true of most things in life that are easy and unfulfilling. It is the things we want the most that are hard to start but easy to keep going. Those things are rewarding.


1. I cannot miss more than one day in a 14 day period. I cannot miss two days consecutively. Any days missed must be added to the end of the 100 days.

2. I will record myself solving tactics on and upload the video to my YouTube channel.

3. Time spent doing lessons on tactics, solving tactics from books, etc. will not count. I will only count my time solving rated tactics on the server. This way it is measurable and trackable for others.

4. I have to spend 30 minutes solving tactics every day before I go to sleep for the night. This means I can solve tactics after midnight and it still counts for the previous day as long as it is before I go to sleep.

5. I will be solving for accuracy, not quantity. If I solve only puzzle that is fine. I don't want to do 30 puzzles and only get 5 correct. This is about improving calculation and visualization. Speed will be covered later.

If you would like to join me let me know in the comments below. If I get enough of a following for this I might create a group on or Facebook so we can have our own space to welcome each other.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to seeing you over a chess board soon.

- David the chessnerdbird

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