Saturday, June 24, 2017

Reverse Angle 73 - Myers, Cook, Cook victorious

Author: Grant OenCCCSA Assistant Director

The 73rd edition of CCCSA's Reverse Angle was held on Saturday, June 24 and featured 58 players from North Carolina, South Carolina, and Louisiana.  The three round, G/90 format with an $850 guaranteed prize fund has become very popular.  Reverse Angle is the strongest monthly single day event in the Southeast.

Top Section
Although reigning RA champion Daniel Cremisi was not in attendance, the top section featured two other masters: Tianqi "Steve" Wang (2370) and Klaus Pohl (2212).  They were joined by several experts and Class A players for a total of 19 players.

After two rounds, only Dominique "Snoop Dog" Myers (2143) and Kireet "Berkeley" Panuganti remained unscathed, setting up a final round matchup.  Players behind them with 1.5/2 included Steve Wang, Mark Biernacki (2132), Patrick Sciacca (2110), and James Macdougall (2009).

In the end, Dominique Myers won a flawless** game vs Panuganti to notch the 3-0 score and $175 first prize.  His last RA victory was RA69.  Steve Wang and Mark Biernacki finished with 2.5/3 to earn $38 each, while Vishnu Vanapalli (1942) and Ishaan Maitra (1919) received $25 each as the top players under 2000 (2/3).

** details classified

Under 1800
The U1800 section also featured 19 players.  Carson Cook (1741) had a breakthrough performance, defeating all of his opponents on his way to clear first and $150.  Nishanth Singaraju (1673) was the only 2.5/3 score, thus earning second place and $75.  The under 1600 class prize ($50) was shared between Carl McKern, Tim Gorski, Rashad Ishmal, Debs Pedigo, and Aarush "fidget spinner" Chugh.

Under 1400
The 20-player U1400 section was won convincingly by Paige Cook (1277), who defeated the top seed, Gautam "got em" Kapur in the last round to notch a perfect score and $150.  Reverse Angle regulars Eric Shi (1269) and Pranav Swarna (1073) each scored 2.5/3, good for $63 each (split of second place and the Under 1200 prize).

RA73 Champions: Dominique Myers (Top), Carson Cook (U1800), CCCSA overlord Peter Giannatos, & Paige Cook (U1400)

There is a G/60 Action Tournament on July 8, followed by Reverse Angle 74 on July 22.

USCF Rated Results Here

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