Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right

Twenty-Six players took part in Round 4 of Tuesday Night Action 31. There was not a single draw. Every game was done early. No games were submitted. This might give one the idea that the quality of play this week was not very high, and many blow-outs likely occurred. As for the top board, neither player has much to write home about. In a Nimzo-Indian Defense between Patrick McCartney(2131) and Daniel Cremisi(2304), Black makes the first error on move 4. White played an aggressive line where Black needs to take quick action against White's center, and instead, he fails to do so, and White gets the early advantage, just to then throw it away with a horrible pawn trade, and Black proceeds to take advantage and eventually wins. A classic case of "he who makes the second-to-last error wins".

The game can be viewed below.

The win gives Cremisi the lead in the top section with a score of 3. Other winners in the top section include Mark Biernacki(2117), Vishnu Vanapalli(1975), Luke Harris(1675), Michael Uwakwe(2039), and Robert Callahan(1884).

In the lower section, Daniel Boisvert(1089) reclaimed the lead with a win over Corey Frazier(1404). Other winners include Andrew Jiang(1483), Aditya Vatakattu(1062), Sampath Kumar(1448), Richard Trela(1092), Sanjit Pilli(898), and Scott James(629).

The current cross table can be reviewed here.

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