Sunday, March 19, 2017

Reverse Angle 70

Author: Grant Oen, CCCSA Assistant Director

The 70th edition of CCCSA's Reverse Angle tournament was played on Saturday, March 18.  There were 59 players in three sections (Top, Under 1800, and Under 1400) who were playing for a guaranteed $850 prize fund.

Top Section

In the Top section, NMs Elias Oussedik (2259), Klaus Pohl (2217), and Dominique Myers (2093) were joined by 6 experts and 10 Class A players for a total of 19 players.  The tournament welcomed the return of Alain "the Jamaican Terror" Morais (2118) whose last event was CCCSA's Tuesday Night Action 6 tournament in September 2014!  This section also brought Jacob Parrish (1963) back to tournament play, as his last event was in 2010.

It turned out to be a good day for Klaus and Alain, as they tied for first place with 2.5/3 after drawing their mutual game in round 3.  Their score was matched by Adam Clontz (1858), who defeated Mark Biernacki (2085) on his way to 2.5.  Mark had upset NM Oussedik in the second round, but was not able to hold on against Clontz.  Clontz had drawn with Michael Uwakwe (2021) in Round 1 and defeated Pradhyumna Kothapalli (1839) in Round 2.  Pohl, Morais, and Clontz each earned $100 for their threeway tie for first place.

Here is the round 2 encounter between Mark Biernacki and Elias Oussedik:

Under 1800 Section

In the Under 1800 section, there were 20 players competing for a $275 prize fund in their very competitive section.  Carson Cook (1711) and Danny Cropper (1601) defeated Andrew Zeng (1490) and Andrew "Doritos" Chen (1626) on their way to perfect 3/3 scores to earn $112.50 each.  Luke Harris (1586) won the U1600 class prize with 2.5/3, good for $50.

Under 1400 Section

In the Under 1400 section, there were 20 players.  In the end, Donald Johnson (1313) and Nishanth Gaddam (1185) swept the field with 3/3, each earning $112.50.  Mahesh Padhi (1021) and Brian Miller (995) earned $25 for their split of the U1200 prize with 2.5/3.

CCCSA's next tournament is an Unrated Scholastic on March 25, followed by a very special event, our 2017 GM/IM Norm Invitational, March 29 - April 2.  Reverse Angle 71 is on April 15.

See RA 70 USCF-rated Results here

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