Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The One That Got Away

A total of 28 players played in the third round of Tuesday Night Action 30. On the top board, Gary Newsom(2014) grabs the lead after three rounds with a shocking win over Vishnu Vanapalli(1975).

Meanwhile, a heated contest occurred on board two. The previous Tuesday Night, there was debate between Grant Oen(2147) and Patrick McCartney(2131) over the soundness of the King's Indian Defense, Grant claiming he could take it down with the Classical Variation while Patrick claimed it was a perfectly viable defense and one he'd have no problem playing against anybody. Needless to say, a Classical King's Indian is what was played, and Black successfully broke through the blocked position to reach a complete winning position by move 32. Only one problem. Black's working off the increment for the rest of the game. This resulted in a number of missed tactics by Black to end the game on the spot, but instead it dragged on, and finally on move 65, after more than 30 moves at a rate of 15 seconds per move, Black finally cracked, and turned a won game into a draw. Instead of being able to take the White King down, it became a case of "the one that got away". The game can be viewed below:

Elsewhere in the top section, Aditya Shivapooja(1767) took down David Richards(1641), Pradhy Kothapalli(1870) beat Ali Shirzad(1695), and Dominique Myers(2117) and Robert Callahan(1884) split the point.

In the lower section, Sampath Kumar(1448) took the lead after scoring a win against Carl McKern(1534). Joining Carl in a 4-way tie for second place, a half point behind the leader, are Kiru Mendez(1640) who beat Aarush Chugh(1322), Hassan Hashamloo(1307) who beat Monish Behera(1251), and Daniel Boisvert(1089) who beat Richard Trela(1092). Other winners include David Blackwelder(1669), Ivan Manchev(1528), and Corey Frazier(1404) while Rithvik Prakki(1193) and Aditya Vadakattu(1062) declared peace.

The results can be viewed here.

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