Saturday, February 18, 2017

Reverse Angle 69 - The DOMination

Author: Grant OenCCCSA Assistant Director

Reverse Angle 69 was another jam-packed event at the Charlotte Chess Center, featuring 60 players competing for a prize fund of $900.  The new format of the Reverse Angle tournament meant that this tournament would be stronger - the U1100 section was eliminated, and prizes for all other sections were increased.


The Top section did not disappoint, with top seeds Daniel "late reg" Cremisi (2304), Aaron "Princeton" Balleisen (2284), Emmanuel "knockout" Carter (2252), and Klaus Pohl (2209) all receiving free entry due to their National Master status.  Patrick McCartney (2131) and Dominique "snoop dog" Myers (2117) rounded out the 2000+ club, and there were 11 additional Class A and B players in the section.

After two rounds, only Balleisen and Myers had 2/2 - Balleisen had defeated Ernest Nix (1969) from South Carolina and Patrick "the KID" McCartney (2131), while Myers toppled Austin Chuang (1779) and had a nice upset win over Cremisi in round 2.  Dominique won the last round encounter agaist Balleisen, claiming clear first and $200.  Klaus Pohl defeated Cremisi in a tournament the latter will want to forget.  Pohl's 2.5/3 performance netted him $75 for clear second.  Amongst the players with 2/3, Vishnu Vanapalli, Aditya Shivapooja, and Reon McIlwain tied for the U2000 prize, winning $17 each.

Dominique's 3/3 performance nets him 50 ratings points.

Klaus Pohl vs Sulia Mason, 1/2

Dominique Myers concentrates in his upset over Daniel Cremisi

Under 1800

The U1800 section featured 18 players, including many club regulars and a couple players driving up from South Carolina.

After the dust settled in round 3, two players found themselves with perfect scores: Luke Harris and Carl McKern, each earning $125 and plenty of rating points.

Under 1400

The U1400 section was the largest section of the day, with 25 players, partly due to elimination of the U1100 section.

In the end, three players scored 3/3: Donald Johnson, Douglas Mackey, and Nishanth Gaddam, each earning $92.

The next Reverse Angle is on March 18, followed by a G/60 Action tournament on April 1.

The USCF Rating Report can be viewed here!

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