Friday, January 6, 2017

Learn from the Champs: Nicolas Rossolimo

Hi Everyone! I am excited to write my first blog post for the all new CCCSA blog! I have enjoyed reading the most recent articles by David Blackwelder, Patrick McCartney and Davide Nastasio. I heard through the chess-vine that known "Chess Bully" Gary Newsom will be writing for the blog as well, that should be entertaining!

On with the man of the hour, GM Nicolas Rossolimo. I knew of Rossolimo vaguely as I played his line of the Sicilian for many years (1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5). Every Thursday at the CCCSA I give a lecture on champions of the past and stumbled across the games of Rossolimo. What a tactician! His game were a lot of fun to analyze especially with the great group of animated lecture goers on Thursday evenings.

Rossolimo was an Russian born Greek(yay!) and French Grandmaster! He later emigrated to the US and was a familiar face in the New York chess scene and played a few US Championships, even winning one in 1955!

The following quote by Rossolimo may tell you more about his style:
"What am I supposed to do, trade in my romantic style and become a hunter of points at any price? No, I will not do so. I will fight for the art of chess. I shall not turn into a monster"

Below are game fragments that I find to be fantastic:

The first example may remind you of the famous "Gold Coin Game":

The next example is a very well conducted attack from start to finish. Rossolimo never lets his opponent recover from his very poor opening play:

I hope you enjoyed this great games from Rossolimo!

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