Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Adam and Eve

Twenty players showed up to participate in the final round of Tuesday Night Action 29

On the top board, this week's feature game is a Colle Zukertort played between Patrick McCartney(2117) and Aditya Shivapooja(1767). Black begins with a copycat approach to the game with the exception of his King's bishop, which he develops to a more passive square than White's counterpart, and then proceeds to trade all the knights off the board, which opens up his king to an attack by White. White then attempts to execute a double-bishop sacrifice, also known as Lasker's Combination. The first bishop, sacrificed on h7 with check, must be recaptured by the king. However, following a queen check, the second bishop sacrifices itself on g7. Now most are familiar with the story about Adam and Eve. They went into the garden, and ate the forbidden fruit. Black proceeds to do the same thing in this game. He takes the forbidden bishop, and proceeds to get checkmated eleven moves later. Patrick McCartney wins the top section as a result of this with 4 points.

Elsewhere in the top section, Michael Uwakwe(2046) grinded out a long one but ultimately came out on top against Pradhy Kothapalli(1878) while Vishu Vannapalli| (1983) quickly took down David Blackwelder(1691).

In the lower section, Daniel Boisvert(995) only needed a draw to sew up first place and he proceeded to rebound from his loss last week by taking down Hassan Hashemloo(1309) and finishing with 4 points and first place. Right behind him, Ali Shirzad(1660) took down Marnzell Hand(1600) to finish with 3 points. Other winners this week include David Richards(1641), Carlos Zuniga(1375), Andrew Jiang(1455), Carl McKern(1550), and Debs Pedigo(1339).

The final results of Tuesday Night Action 29 can be viewed here.

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