Thursday, August 31, 2017

Simple Chess: Tactics Training


This is David the chessnerdbird. I have been wanting to make my blogs a little more instructive than just words on a screen. Therefore, I have started a YouTube channel where I stream and upload my games and training. I am also recording my live feedback during the games and during the training.

This allows you to see my thought process. For those lower rated this is decent insight into a Class B player and how I think. For those around my rating you can see what you do better and maybe something that I do better.

Also, by starting my YouTube channel I hope to hold myself a little more accountable in both playing and training. I have been recording videos since Thursday of last week and the biggest thing that I have noticed already is that playing and studying chess is fun again. I am also learning more because I can replay the video and see where my thinking process failed or if I missed any calculations.

I hope you find this new format fun, interesting, and instructive. If you like the videos that I share in the blog please make sure you subscribe to my channel as I plan on uploading videos at least 5 times a week.

Before we get to this week's video on tactics training I wanted to share two puzzles that I either found instructive or that I missed during my training. See if you can solve them before watching the video. Once you spent some time on these then watch the video for the answer or to see how I missed them.

Puzzle 1 - White to Move (4:38 in the video)

Puzzle 2 - Black to Move (7:43 in the video)

Thank you for joining me on my journey to reaching the Expert title. I look forward to seeing you at a chessboard soon!

Next week I will be posting a video of going through a lesson on covering a strategic concept.

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